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Hey Wine Lover: Slate Wine Bar just might be your new favorite Happy Hour spot

Whether you’re a wine pro or novice, sometimes you just need a glass of the grapes to wine … ahem wind down. And, if you’re like us, you know there’s no better way to enjoy a good vino than at a super comfortable Happy Hour with some of your favorite folks (or solo, if it’s been one of those weeks). Quality wine, chef prepared bar bites, and warm, rustic comfort make Slate Wine Bar one of our go-to spots for Happy Hour in Glover Park. We sat down with Chef/Sommelier, Danny Lledó, to get the inside scoop on this wine-lover’s paradise, and we’re sharing the deets with you because we care about you like that. So grab a glass and read on to learn why Happy Hour at Slate is a vin … ahem win!

1. Your Bartender is Likely a Sommelier

A proper wine bar can’t have just anyone behind the bar. They absolutely get that at Slate, and make sure that the folks serving up your vino actually know a thing or two about the good stuff. In fact, they know a whole lot. Two out of the three bartenders are assistant Sommeliers. In other words, they are pro-fes-sion-als! For Happy Hour, Slate has chosen a well rounded red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine that pair well with the expert grub. Have questions about the wine list? The Soms are ready to walk you through the wonderful wine world and ensure you have a vinocentric experience.

2. Late Night Happy Hour is Totally a Thing Here

And so is weekend Happy Hour! Cheers to great wine and double cheers to great wine on Happy Hour every day. Slate Wine Bar doesn’t stop there. They’re going for the tri-fecta with excellent wine on late night Happy Hour #onaSaturday. Yup, Slate Wine Bar offers HH 3-7p daily and 10p-midnight Friday and Saturday. As chef Danny puts it, the Glover Park neighborhood is diverse, and the late night Happy Hour provides a nice second opportunity for people to come by and enjoy the amazing vino and cuisine at spectacular prices. And we say, we will definitely drink to that!

3. The Food is Just as Great as the Wine

We know, we know…. There isn’t much that compares to a superb glass of wine. We have good news for you…. the food at Slate is definitely on par. Don’t expect thrown together, flash fried eats here. Chef Danny has curated a Happy Hour menu incorporating his diverse culinary background and experiences. The New American menu features such items as Mini Pork Sliders (inspired by Chef Danny’s time in Valencia, Spain) and Mini Crabcakes (bringing in a local Maryland favorite). To be sure, the pork sliders are not your standard meat stuck in between a mini bun. Rather, think crostini made with a warm, soft bread and topped with a house made sriracha aioli, perfectly seasoned minced pork patty, and seared shishito pepper. The menu has a little something for every palate, including a chef-prepared Burger for only $6 for those times when you’re subbing dinner for Happy Hour. Yep, we do that all the time!

4. Comfort is as Comfort Does, and Slate Does Comfort Right

From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. And no, that’s not cliche, it’s just plain nice! Slate’s simple charm coupled with its cozy decor sets the perfect mood to enjoy the bites and vino. Slate also realizes that, while you may be a wine lover, perhaps someone in your crew may not be feeling the wine groove. Not to worry, Slate has something on Happy Hour for them, too. A solid array of draft brews and quality craft cocktails are served up for a steal. You’re welcome.

Been to Slate Wine Bar for Happy Hour? Share your experience in the comments!

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