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Service Bar: Where All Day Happy Hour, Beach Vibes, and Brunch Collide

Take three of your favorite things: Happy Hour, Brunch, and the Beach – wrap them up in craft cocktail magic in the nation’s capital and wake up because you’re not dreaming. You’re at Service Bar’s Beach Vibes Brunch. The relative U Street newcomer recently launched a new beach themed brunch service, and Happied was there to sample the new offerings. Here’s our take on why you should visit Service Bar in that in between time that we like to call Happy Brunch Hour.

Snooze then Booze:

Service Bar’s brunch is not your typical 11am-2pm calling. It’s for the folks (like us) that aren’t up bright and early on the weekend. We often struggle to find a good brunchy meal in the late afternoon where we can hang around until the sun goes down. Service Bar hits that sweet spot with brunch running through the typical Happy Hour hours (woop!). Brunch runs from 2pm-6pm, and we hear they may be offering the brunch fare all night long for all of you night noshers.

All Day Happy Hour:

Brunch, no brunch, opening time, late night – this all day Happy Hour is offered well… ALL DAY. $7 Old Fashioneds, Mint Juleps, Daquiris, Tom Collins, and daily punch are expertly crafted and offered from opening til closing time. The brunch menu includes traditional brunch cocktails like mimosas, but if you come to Service Bar, you should opt for this spots’s specialty, which just so happens to be specialty cocktails. At $7 a pop, the all day specials are a steal and less than what a cheap glass of champs costs at most brunch spots. Added bonus, they won’t put you to sleep like the bubbly.

Fried Chicken and Chilaquiles:

If you’ve been to Service Bar in the last 9 months, you may have had their signature fried chicken. Thanks to Chef Jerry Zawacki (who previously worked at Rose’s Luxury and Hazel), even that has gotten an upgrade for this brunch. The batter is crispier, the chicken is double dipped, and a drizzle of honey sets this fried chicken a step above its predecessor. And it’s not brunch if you don’t have some egg on the menu. The Chilaquiles fill this spot as a perfectly seasoned, slightly spicy take on the classic Mexican dish, with the runny egg you need to feel all brunch like.

Beach Vibes on Vibes on Vibes:

There is no beach to speak of in DC. Sucks. So when you’re looking to get your fill of beach vibes head to Service Bar for a Happy Brunch Hour that brings the sandy shores to the city. Pool floaties? They got that. Beach balls? Umm… yass! Umbrellas and sand pails? Yup, and beers are served in those very same pails because that’s the way they were always meant to be used. You get the drift, get to Service Bar for the best beach this side of U street.

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