This is a Happy Hour game changer.

Long gone are the days of being frustrated trying to find a good Happy Hour. Happied tells you what Happy Hours are going on, when, and if they’re worth your time.

We’re Happy Hour lovers at heart.

And we were tired of having a hard time finding good Happy Hour spots. So we created Happied.

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And spend more time at Happy Hour with your crew. Whether you’re looking for margaritas and tacos or martinis and oysters, we got you.


We curate your experience to show you the best spots using our proprietary rating system. Your new favorite HH spot is just around the corner.

All Happy Hours aren’t created equal.

Like, a dollar off a beer doesn’t really cut it. We developed our Happied rating system to separate the real from the fake.


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How Happied Works.

Search for Happy Hours

You can search by day, time, location and then further filter to find your perfect spot. If you want sushi, craft cocktails, and outdoor seating, just key it in!

Explore New Venues

Our curated categories help you find new and exciting HH spots. From “Date Night” to “Co-Worker Approved,” we help you get it right.

Check In and Earn Points

We’re all about the deals. When you check into a HH spot, you earn points for exclusive deals like extended HH and other fab perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Happied free?

It sure is and always will be. We do offer a membership option through our Work Hard, Play Harder program for those looking to… ahem… play harder… See question 4 for details!

Can users leave reviews?

Of course. Our Happied rating system tells you our review based on our proprietary metric, but we’re all about you sharing your HH experience. Once you’ve checked into a venue, we’ll ask if you want to leave a review.

Are you only in DC?

Yes, right now we’re only in DC proper. We’ll be expanding to the larger DMV this year, and to new cities soon. Want Happied in your city? Let us know!

What is #WHPH?

It’s our Work Hard, Play Harder program, designed for those that want a little extra HH. For $8 month, you get access to 5 new venues for extended HH until 9pm. Check the full deets here.