Are you really ready for Amaretto? There’s a rich history behind this complex liqueur, originating with a widow’s gift and ending with a craft cocktail craze. Read on to get the quick and dirty story behind this nutty cordial. The Italian word for “a little bitter,” the Amaretto liqueur traces its roots back to the […]

Experience Happy Hour the Italian way: with an amaro aperitif. As we know from its wines, Italy does not mess around with its drinks. Yet quaffing Italian spirits means much more than pinot grigio and chianti. For centuries, beyond crushing grapes, Italian growers and distillers have looked to other elements that make tasty – and […]

The daiquiri is more than just one of our favorite Happy Hour drinks; it’s a classic cocktail that made its American debut right here in the nation’s capital. Here, we take a deep dive to breakdown the history behind the drink , and, of course, let you know where you can find these classically classy […]

Ever wondered when the tradition of half-priced cocktails and apps came about? You might be surprised to learn that the phrase ‘Happy Hour’ didn’t even begin as a time between 4-8 where we drank margaritas and divulged our work-day problems to our crew. Actually, the term has a much deeper historical meaning than you might […]